Breastfeeding & Parenting Resources I Love!

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Breastfeeding Books

Nancy Mohrbacher
Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

I love this book because it helps you get started easily, and explains the first few weeks in an easy-to-understand way.

Gale Pryor
Kathleen Huggins

Wondering if you can breastfeed successfully when you go back to work? I love this simple, straightforward resource.

Diane Wiessinger
La Leche League, et al

I love this new, 8th edition! This is great for preparing for breastfeeding and also as an all-around resource.

Nancy Mohrbacher

Taking the mystery out of how to be successful at breastfeeding after going back to work.

Amy Peterson
Mindy Harmer

Concerned about nipple confusion and other issues with giving bottles to your breastfed baby? This is a helpful and reassuring read.

Dr. Jack Newman

A great go-to resource for your whole breastfeeding journey.

Diana West
Lisa Marasco

Great for mamas worried about or struggling with milk supply.

Breastfeeding Links

Stanford Breastfeeding
I love these videos! Learn latching tips, how to manually express milk, or watch Maximizing Milk Production to learn how to pump more milk.

Low Milk & BFAR
While no website can substitute for a lactation consult, these sister sites can give you insight into working with low milk supply or concerns about breastfeeding after breast surgery.

Breastfeeding Online
This is such a great collection of resources, including articles by Dr. Jack Newman.
Wonderful updated resources to help answer your questions.

Sleep Books

Dr. James McKenna

Confused about infant sleep, safety, and sanity? If you only read one thing about babies and sleep, read this. You\'ll be so glad you did!

Diane Weissinger, Diana West,
Linda Smith, Teresa Pitman

This excellent new resource discusses current research and practical application so you can make safe and sane decisions about helping your baby (and the whole family) sleep!


Dr. William Sears

Mystified by your baby\'s sleeping habits and needs? These classics are practical and reassuring.

Sleep Links

Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame & James McKenna\'s Articles at The Natural Child Project
Do you wonder what the truth is about safe sleep for your baby? Don\'t miss these resources from the premier infant sleep researcher.

Many \"Infant Sleep Problems\" Are Actually Normal Patterns of Infant Sleep, New White Paper Finds
Knowing how babies are wired to sleep can help alleviate parental stress and anxiety about sleep.

What about Sleep Training?
This excellent article references research about sleep training methods, and links at the bottom will take you to other resources you\'ll find very useful.

Circumcision Links

Doctors Opposing Circumcision
Questions about circumcision and looking for evidence-based information? This is a huge collection of just such information. If you only look at one thing on this site, go to the Videos page and watch the excellent Prepuce video (This video shows the structure, function, and purpose of the foreskin, and is NOT a \"procedure video\". It is tastefully done, mostly stills and narration, and highly educational).

Psychology Today Circumcision Series
This amazing series addresses the history of infant circumcision, the common questions and myths surrounding it, and features an impressive array of research. The link takes you to the first in a series of six excellent articles.

General Parenting Links

Ask Dr. Sears
This is my go-to resource for parents with questions about immunizations

Peaceful Parenting by Dr. Momma
I love this site! So much more than opinion, this site collects and discusses strong evidence to help you make your best parenting decisions.

Dr. Jay Gordon
Questions about circumcision, Babywise (or Growing Kids God\'s Way), or other topics? This site is for you.

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