What do Professional Doulas charge?

Professional Doula fees vary by geographic area, level of experience, and additional skills that may be offered (such as lactation consultation, photography, or massage therapy). Doula fees in the Denver metro area range from approximately $900 for newer doulas to over $2,500+ for doulas with extensive experience and service packages including additional skills.

Recently trained Professional Doulas, having completed a training workshop and working on gaining experience and building their practice, often have flexible fees that are lower than more experienced doulas.

Why is a Professional Doula a good investment?

You may be asking yourself why it’s good investment to hire a doula. You might think, “My partner / sister / mother / BFF is going to be with me. Isn’t that the same thing?”

Actually, no, it’s not. While the loving support of your family and friends, and the skilled attentions of a labor nurse if you’re birthing in a hospital or birth center are incredibly important, none of those people are qualified to do what a doula can do for you. Studies have shown conclusively that the benefits of having a doula are not duplicated by either family/friends or nursing staff.

What research tells us about hiring a doula:

Doulas help labor progress

Research shows that doula support can shorten the length of labor up to 25%

  • Labor Length


Doulas support can lead to less need for pharmaceuticals

Research shows that the use of narcotics in labor is reduced by 30% with doula support

  • Narcotics


Research shows that the use of synthetic oxytocin, such as pitocin, in labor is reduced by 40% with doula support

  • Pitocin


Research shows that the use of an epidural in labor is reduced by 60% with doula support

  • Epidural


Doulas support reduces your chance of an instrumental delivery

Research shows that the use of forceps during delivery is reduced by 30% with doula support

  • Forceps


Doulas support reduces your risk of Cesarean Birth

Research shows that doula support can lower the risk of cesarean birth by 26% to 80%, depending on the demographics of the study

  • Cesarean Birth


In addition women attended by a doula are also:

Less likely to have babies with APGARs of 5 or lower
27% less likely to be dissatisfied with their births
Significantly more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth
Significantly less likely to feel a loss of control in labor

Other long term benefits of working with a doula include:

Improved breastfeeding
Increased time spent with baby
Decreased postpartum depression

I’m on a budget and can’t afford typical doula fees for my area. What do I do?

One option is to work with a recently trained doula. These are doulas who have been through doula training and are working on gaining experience and building their practice. Fees may be flexible with doulas who are seeking to increase their experience. Click here for more information on recently trained doulas.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my doula?

Doulas can often provide an NPI number and may be payable through your HSA. While the number of insurance companies that reimburse for doula services are still small, they are growing. Reimbursement usually requires some persistence and submitting the claim several times. Discuss the documentation required with your doula in advance to make sure all requirements are met.

Hiring a Professional Doula is an investment in a safe, empowered, satisfying birth experience you will look back on with joy.

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