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Are you thinking about hiring a Professional Doula? Or wondering how a doula can benefit you as you welcome your new baby? You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been supporting expectant families in the Denver metro area since 1998 as well as training new doulas since 2005. I’m happy to help begin your journey with confidence!

In this part of my website, you can explore what a doula does (and doesn't do), and what you can expect in terms of doula fees for both experienced and student doulas.

Are you interested in hiring a recently graduated professional doula? You can learn more about why this might benefit you and how to connect with some of my recent students. I train Professional Doulas nationally and can help you connect with a new doula in your area, especially in the Denver Metro Area.

I even have a page full of tips on how to interview and choose the right doula for you. You can browse through some of my favorite resources for new parents, from books to websites, on topics such as breastfeeding, infant sleep, and more.

If you need breastfeeding help, you can click the button to lead you to my lactation site where you'll find online booking for consults, support groups, and additional resources.

Feel free to reach out to me via the contact form with any additional questions as well. I look forward to connecting with you!


Do you need help with breastfeeding?

You can access online booking for DTC-area office and virtual lactation consultation at Rocky Mountain Lactation.

How does a labor doula assist you in pregnancy & birth?

Learn how to interview & choose the right doula for you

Information on breastfeeding, sleep, & more

Connect with a Professional Doula to attend your birth