Hey, didn’t you work for years for…

Nov 26, 2017 | Rocky Mountain Doula | 0 comments

…that well known international organization?

Yes, I certainly did. I’m sure you’re wondering why the new direction. And why I am not longer affiliated with that organization after so many years of promoting it and serving as its doula program director.

If you’re hoping I’m going to dish some dirt, save yourself some time because I’m not going to do that. But I will tell you all about my “course correction”!

Why are you teaching independent doula trainings?

A LOCAL training is a RELEVANT training. As an independent trainer who has worked in your community since 1998, I understand the local birth community and culture, the options available to families in this particular region, and the challenges particular to doulas in our area.

In fact, my priority and focus is you and our community, nothing else. I can tailor instruction to the community needs rather than trying to comply with rules set down by a “far away” certifying body. I have experience in YOUR community, can speak to the issues you will face, and I provide you with support after your class.

What do I get with an independent training with Rocky Mountain Doula?

In addition to 18 hours of interactive and evidence-based instruction complete with tons of hands on and role play, you’ll receive a manual that will serve as a workbook as you prepare to start your practice, a variety of resources to continue your learning, and a bag full of tools of the trade you’ll find useful as you get started.

After training, you’ll be added to my private alumni group where you’ll be able to network, share resources, find back-up, discuss current issues and research, and receive ongoing support as you launch your practice and create success.

What about certification?

I’ve been training doulas since 2005. I’ve found that a significant number of doulas don’t complete certification after their training class, for one reason or another. Of those who do, many do not go on to maintain recertification.

What determines success is not the certification process, but the energy the doula invests in starting a practice, marketing, and networking, as well as the doula’s application of good training and ongoing education. An independent training can focus on thorough and comprehensive instruction, providing a strong foundation for your professional development and success.

Lastly, ROI (Return on Investment) is an extremely important consideration when you’re starting a business. Taking an independent training class that is focused entirely on your success is the most direct path to your ROI and on to a profitable practice.

If you find that certification is still important to you once your practice is profitable, you can easily invest in certification at that point with an organization you have carefully vetted. There are many considerations and you should be sure you’re investing with an organization that you can respect.

I will be writing more about my thoughts on certification in a future post.

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