I am so glad I took this training! It was great! Thank you so much!

I took Ana Hill’s Doula training in the summer of 2012 in Denver. I was already a certified doula and former midwifery student with quite a lot of experience and academic training, but I learned much more about doula techniques and scope of practice issues.

Even more importantly to me, Ana projects such a sense of calm and demonstrates extraordinary communication skills that I was keen to emulate them in my birth and training businesses–successfully!

- TW

I am extremely satisfied with the education and skills learned!

After training with Ana, I felt so much more prepared and comfortable with supporting families through their pregnancy and birth!

Ana is a great teacher; she makes the class so interactive and enjoyable, while providing a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom. Now, after training with Ana, I am positive I made the right choice! I never imagined I would walk away feeling so fully supported by my team, and so confident in my skills and education!

This training was worth so much more than what is charged! Thank you, Ana, for an excellent experience!

- JC

Ana is an incredible teacher. She has such a way with words and ways of showing things!

How very fortunate we are in the community to have Ana Hill as the lead Birth Doula trainer in the Denver area. I loved attending her training and felt very prepared as a new doula for the often unpredictable world of supporting birth clients.

Her involvement with her students extends past the classroom into insuring our completion of the certification process with help and support. She often connects birthing families with her past students which helped me launch my career immediately.

- SB

The training was informative & exciting, preparing me for my new career. I loved it!

Ana was extremely knowledgeable and unbiased in her presentation of the information. Practicing techniques really helped me to feel prepared to support families through birth.

- EC

Loved it! Ana was so thorough and professional. I feel very equipped!

- KL

I felt very comfortable to ask any questions. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I felt empowered and was given tons of info on assisting my clients through the birth process. Thank you!

- JC

Ana was awesome! I learned so much and felt like we had a safe environment to learn!

As someone who has had a traumatic birth experience due in part to excessive interventions, it was really helpful to me to learn about how they can be helpful as well as how to support a client through birth interventions.

- KP

This was so amazing! I am so inspired to go out on my own with confidence! Thank you!

This was a wonderful training course - thank you! I learned so much and also learned that I have so much more to learn. I appreciated how clear the information was and how well organized it was.

Ana is a great teacher. I feel I will support clients in a more non-judgmental manner because of her training.

- EL

Thank you for this amazing information! I am so excited for this journey as a doula. Ana is a fabulous teacher and I plan on learning more from her in the future!

- HA

Loved Ana's enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge, and compassion!

- CF

“I enjoyed the time spent talking about the challenges of being a doula and finding solutions.”

“The updated info is great! Ana is so great with staying on top of updates and recent research.”

“I enjoyed learning about what a doula is a really about. I was questioning if I could do this and I’m much more comfortable now.”

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