Tips to prepare for your Professional Doula Training

Register for
Training Early!

Registering early may qualify you for an Early Bird Special, and gives you more time to complete your Pre-Workshop Study Guide.

Complete your
Study Guide

The Study Guide is designed to help you become familiar with the concepts we will be discussing in the training class. Because we have a limited amount of time, basics are not covered in the class.

Whether you already have some experience with birth or this is your first exposure to birth, you need to complete your Study Guide prior to the training class.

Begin working on your
Recommended Reading

The recommended reading list is an important part of your training process. 

Make sure you are reading the most recent edition of each book.

Begin to

Start investigating what is available in your community. Who is teaching childbirth and breastfeeding classes? What birth options exist in your area? What are the midwifery laws in your state? Are there local or state-wide doula groups you can join?

Begin to make connections and let people know you will be starting a career as a Professional Doula very soon.

It is workshop time!

You’re probably wondering what you should bring to the training class.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Think about wearing layers and being comfortable to move. It can be challenging to keep the room temperature comfortable for everyone, and in some locations we have little or no control over the temperature. We will also spend some time moving around and working on labor positions.

Make sure you will be comfortable if the room is a bit warm or cool for your taste, and that you’ll be able to practice positioning without worrying about your skirt length.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Definitely bring a water bottle and any snacks you will need. A few locations give us access to a refrigerator, but you’ll want to ask to make sure or bring a lunch cooler to keep your snacks fresh. Wherever permitted, some snacks and drinks will be provided, but some locations (especially hotels) restrict what we can provide for you.
You may also want to bring alternate seating. Your confirmation gives you information about bringing your own birth ball, and you may want to bring a yoga bolster, camping chair, or other seating to keep you comfortable.

Can’t wait to see you in one of our Doula Workshops!

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