How can you be successful as a Professional Doula?

Starting your doula practice can be a daunting process, but taking it one step at a time can help you begin your journey with confidence! These are my Steps to Success for doulas, to help you prepare, begin, and grow your practice so that you can enjoy a fulfilling career as a doula.

What is Doula Work About?

Research Doula Work

What is doula work really like?  You can learn a great deal from participating in discussions with doulas on social media such as The Doula Group , attending a doula meet and greet in your community, and reading about doula work in books such as The Doula Advantage .

Register for Doula Training Workshop

Register well in advance for your training workshop (and save by taking advantage of early bird pricing). This gives you plenty of time to dive into the recommended reading and resources.  You can register for your Rocky Mountain Doula Workshop here.

Complete Pre-Workshop Study Guide

The Pre-Workshop Study Guide helps you prepare and provides you with some necessary background knowledge so you can get the most out of your training workshop. You can use resources such as WebMD , Evidence Based Birth , Lamaze , Childbirth Connection , or Pregnancy Birth and Baby.

No experience with birth yet? Include the following:

Read Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn


Audit a complete childbirth class in your community (not an express class)


Take an online childbirth class.

Once you’ve taken your training class, follow the remaining steps to complete the Professional Doula Certification Program:

Becoming a Professional Doula

Attend Doula Training Workshop

This is where your journey begins! See more information on what to expect at your doula workshop here.

Join the Alumni group

This is a great space in which to network with other new doulas, ask questions, hear about opportunities and events, and debrief your first births. Join the Alumni group here .

Read your Manual & review your notes

Reading your manual cover to cover, and reviewing your notes, will help you process everything you learned at your training workshop. Take the self-tests at the end of each chapter to solidify your learning. You will be able to apply what you learned as you launch your doula practice.

Review the Resources

This is a frequently updated PDF in the Files section of your Alumni group full of links to sites, articles, and other resources to help you dive deeper into the issues. Organized in a similar flow as your manual, you can dig into each section as you review the corresponding chapter in your manual.


Reading & Resources

Read at least three of the books on the reading list and complete the list of resources to help your development as you become a doula. See the reading & resource list here.

Initial Steps in your Manual

Getting started can feel overwhelming, so use the First Steps and Next Steps in Chapter 10 in your manual to make the most important steps right away and get started with confidence.

Begin networking with birth professionals and allied health professionals in your community

Check out the Alumni Facebook group for local networking opportunities and other social media groups that will help you connect. Reach out to local birth centers, chiropractic offices, midwifery practices, and maternity boutiques.  If there are local doula associations or groups, investigate those.  Begin attending events and reaching out to other professionals.

Your Professional Doula Practice Goes Live

Get Online

Your website is the most effective way for clients to find you. Publishing your website and creating business profiles on social media are your next steps.  Reach out to our partner, Rather Poetic, for advice on websites, branding, and more!

Get Listed

List your business on any local, state, or national business listings you’ve vetted.  Remember to claim your free year on Colorado Doulas Network!

Debrief in Group

Debrief your first five births (protecting client confidentiality) in the Alumni group – remember to tag your instructor for personal input!


Reading and Resources

Read at least three of the books on the suggested reading list and complete the list of resources to help you launch your doula practice.  See the reading & resource list here.

Examine Your Bias

Everyone has bias – the key is to be aware and commited to continuing to grow.  Take Implicit Bias Tests on Project Implicit.

Cultural Awareness

Take Culturally Competent Nursing Care from Think Cultural Health.


You’ve Completed The Professional Doula Program!

Now Continue Your Professional Development!

Local Classes

Audit local childbirth, breastfeeding, and related classes in your community.  This helps you stay current with what is being taught locally, and gives you insight for recommending the most compatible classes for your clients.


Reading & Resources

This is a suggested reading list and a list of resources that help you continue developing as a professional doula.

Continuing Education

Stay connected on the Alumni page for news of advanced training classes and local or online educational opportunities.  You can also retake the training class anytime for a the low alumni rate!

Being a Professional Doula is a amazing career as well as a challenging journey into personal and professional growth. Staying committed to learning and growing will make you an exceptional doula!

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