When finances are a concern, families can opt to work with a doula in process of certification.  Because I have been teaching CAPPA Labor Doula training workshops since 2005, I have an ongoing list of recent students.  These are doulas who have been through the doula training workshop and are working on completing the remainder of their requirements.  Fees are often significantly lower for doulas who are seeking to increase their experience or are still needing evaluations for births in order to certify.

If you are interested in considering a certifying doula, please use the contact form on this page.  Please keep in mind that the information you give will go to all the students I’ve trained in the last two years.  Use only your first name, and check to make sure you’ve typed your email address correctly. Please don’t skip your birth location or birthing location, as this can help you receive the most relevant replies.

  • If you need a doula and you are unable to pay at least $300 for their services, please look into the Accessible Birth Connection: http://coloradodoulas.com/abcfamilies
  • Please share anything you feel is relevant. This could include additional preferences for a doula such as age or experience level.