CAPPA’s Certification Process:


· Become a CAPPA member
· Pre-Workshop Study Guide (I will send this to you when you register; don’t delay as this does take a little time to complete!)
· Take a CAPPA Labor Doula Training Workshop


· Enroll in CAPPA Academy

o Required Reading (I encourage you to start your required reading prior to the training class!)
o Observe Childbirth Class & Breastfeeding Class
o Take HUG Part I
o Create a Local Resource List
o Attend Births for Evaluation
o Sign CAPPA Policies
o Pass Open-Book Exam


· Send in your packet
· Celebrate when you become certified!
· Recertify every 3 years from your certification date (

My Journey with CAPPA

I originally trained with another organization in the late 90’s, before I was introduced to CAPPA by my mentor in 2000. I fell in love with everything CAPPA stands for – professionalism, responsive member service, evidence-based programs, and a Love Wins attitude. I certified with CAPPA, and have been working closely with the organization ever since, first as the state representative, then as one of their faculty, and since 2009 I have served as the Director of Labor Doula Programs. I have seen organizations come and go in the years I’ve been doing this work, and I’m so thankful to have found my professional home with CAPPA.

“Why CAPPA?”

CAPPA is international, founded in 1998, and has required an exam for certification since the beginning. No other nationally recognized organization has such thorough and complete training and certification requirements. Achieving CAPPA certification is something you can be truly proud of! In addition, CAPPA is an organization that has vision, professional standards, and yet manages to feel like a family! Catch the CAPPA Vision! You can read more about The CAPPA Approach here.

“Does certification really matter?”

Increasingly! Certification shows both parents and other professionals that you take your career seriously, that you stay current in your field, that you’ve met requirements to ensure you have a complete skill set, and that you follow a strong Scope of Practice. It shows accountability, professionalism, and responsibility. This matters to the other professionals caring for your clients, and increasingly matters to parents who want to ensure they are hiring a true professional.